NEW Members’ Notice Board Posting

A member has posted a notice “Burning White Pine and Creosote” to the Notice Board. If you might be able to assist, log in to the BGWA Notice Board to read/respond.

One thought on “NEW Members’ Notice Board Posting

  1. Marshall Byle

    Burning White Pine
    I have reasonable knowledge about this topic. To start, I am a Master Solid Fuel Tech. and Master Chimney Sweep, and after 40 years in the business retired from retail sales of Woodstoves and their service. I also sat on a number of CSA and ULC technical committees involving appliances and venting. Enough about me.

    We own a White Pine plantation that is now 35 years old and are in the process of thinning. Since most of the trees we are removing are too small for lumber, we are heating our home with pine.

    The newer EPA rated woodstoves burn very efficiently, and in effect, burn whatever resins are in the wood, so as long as you are burning dry wood, creosote is not an issue. No wood will burn properly if not dry. Water doesn’t burn.

    But while we’re on the subject, here are a few things about pine that many don’t know. All wood is pretty much the same energy content per pound. A pound of pine being less dense than a pound of maple will obviously burn much faster. However, being less dense, the pine will dry out and be ready to burn in half the time. Always split blocks even if only 4″ in diameter or they will take much longer to dry.

    Pine seldom gives off sparks, cedar does that. Dry pine lights very easily and it also burns up to almost nothing leaving few ashes. When we get the cold snap in early Jan. many wood burners find that they are firing their stove heavily to keep the house warm. As a result the firebox gradually fills with coals limiting the amount of wood that can fit into the stove. It requires a whole morning opening the air intakes and stirring the coals to burn them up to get back to normal. This is a hardwood problem that doesn’t happen burning pine.

    It won’t burn through the night, so use hardwood for that.

    When asked what is the best wood to burn, my usual answer is FREE, after that you can get fussy.

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