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Member Event – Gypsy Moth Field Tour

Your Bruce Grey Woodlands Association is holding a companion field workshop for our recent seminar Forests Under Attack: The History, Dispersal and Management of Gypsy Moth, which was presented through Zoom by the Invasive Species Centre in Sault Ste Marie.

Insect characteristics, hosts and controls will be discussed. Being a spring event, we will include a practical demonstration of a Modified Kaladar Plot (MKP), the approved method of forecasting gyspy moth populations in Ontario. See how well you do in spotting the egg masses!

Time & Date: 1:00 pm on Saturday April 17. A rain or shine event!

Guides: Susan McGowan – retired forest health technical specialist with MNRF and Kevin Predon – forester with Bruce County

Where: Bruce County Culross Tract. See attached map for location and parking.

Conditions: The forest has recently been logged so will be rough and possibly wet. Please dress appropriately.

Member Numbers: The event will be limited to 15 members. If demand warrants, a second guided tour will be organized for 2:30 PM the same day.

Please register in advance at jcoles@gbtel.ca

We will follow all COVID-19 protocols in place at that time.

We’re looking forward to a great day.

Economic Benefits of Protecting Nature


Here is an interesting article discussing the economic benefits of sites that have been converted versus leaving them in a natural state. As we know, natural areas are much more valuable than just the value of their timber.

The study shows that conserving or restoring natural sites now outweigh the potential profits of converting them for intensive human use. Read more…

ONLINE LEARNING OPPORTUNITY: Traditional Knowledge and Western Science

Title: Bridging Traditional Knowledge and Western Science

When: 18 March 2021 7-8:30 PM

Cost: free

Hosted/Sponsored by: Royal Botanical Garden

Topic Details: https://www.rbg.ca/events/speaker-series-bringing-traditional-knowledge-and-western-science/

Registration: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/speakers-series-bridging-traditional-knowledge-and-western-science-registration-128272631895

Woodlot Conference Goes Virtual

The Grey Bruce Woodlot Conference is back in 2021! The event is taking place virtually this year over two nights (March 23 and 24). Presentation topics will include a novel approach to controlling buckthorn on your property, as well as different perspectives on managing private woodlots(landowner and consultant).
For more information about the event, please go to https://gbwc.blog/. To register email info@gbwc.blog.

A Wondrous Forest Melody

If you attended our virtual AGM yesterday you will have seen on one of the slides that I’m handing over the keys to the web site to Mike Fry. We have been paralleling duties over the past four months to ensure a seamless transition.

I was taught to always say my thank yous, and Mike deserves a big one for being willing to take it on. In associations like BGWA, it is essential for members to step forward and take on new roles. For one thing it helps distribute the labour, which is important in a volunteer-run organization. But even more importantly it cultivates growth. When the same people keep doing the same things over an extended time, there is less likelihood for development and change. And we need to keep evolving to stay vital.

In the same way I am grateful to Jim White for so ably taking on the Communications lead with such capability and insight demonstrated over the past year, I am confident that Mike has the rudder well in hand now. And hopefully, in time, might even take our online presence off in some new directions too!

During my 6 years as BGWA “web guy”, I generally tried to limit postings to things which were relevant to our local area and membership. For my final web post let me treat you to something that is neither 🙂 Sit back, turn the volume up a bit, and allow yourself the full 3 minutes to be mesmerized by a melody made from the forest, in the forest…

…and think about whether this inspires you in some way to do something novel and beautiful in your woodlands!


AGM This Saturday – 27 Feb

Hello everyone,

This is a reminder our Annual General Meeting is scheduled for tomorrow morning via Zoom.

The schedule includes an educational component (Gypsy Moth) as well as the usual AGM business.

This link will take you to our website containing the Agenda and other materials.

Hope to (virtually) see everyone tomorrow!

NEW Members’ Notice Board Posting

A member has posted a notice “White Pine / Cedar Logs Dried for Carving” to the Notice Board. If you might be able to assist, log in to the BGWA Notice Board to read/respond.

NEW Members’ Notice Board Posting

A member has posted a notice “White Pine / Cedar Planks Dried for Carving” to the Notice Board. If you might be able to assist, log in to the BGWA Notice Board to read/respond.

More about Firewood Fuel & Wood Heating

The December 2020 issue of Ontario Woodlot Association’s The Ontario Woodlander focusing on firewood fuel was well received by OWA members, and OWA has now graciously made available free access to a PDF version for all interested woodlot owners – click to view or download full issue (vol.101).


Title: Wildlife Fire – Prevention and Mitigation Strategies

When: 24 FEBRUARY 2021, 12-1pm

Cost: free

Hosted/Sponsored by: Eastern Ontario Model Forest (Kemptville Winter Woodlot Conference)

Topic Details: https://www.eomf.on.ca/news-and-events/events/45/kemptville-winter-woodlot-conference-presents-wildlife-fire-prevention-and-mitigation-strategies

Registration: https://www.eomf.on.ca/news-and-events/events/45/kemptville-winter-woodlot-conference-presents-wildlife-fire-prevention-and-mitigation-strategies