• Annual General MeetingFebruary 25th, 2017
    7 days to go.
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AGM Registration & Educational Feature

Our AGM will take place in two weeks, Sat FEB 25th at Grey Roots Museum starting at 9:30AM. As always, it will feature a learning component followed by a business meeting. Based on the success of our movie screening last month, we have arranged permission to show a fascinating documentary on forest management.

A Working Forest (click for movie trailer) looks at key themes such as reforestation, wildfires, wildlife and people, capturing the contributions of family-owned woodlands Continue reading

Annual Conference March 25+26: details online

Complete details, including presentation topics and online registration, are now available online. Under the theme of Past, Present and Future, this is the 25th anniversary and promises to be a must-attend event for woodland owners and enthusiasts in and around Grey and Bruce, this year featuring 6 (rather than the usual 5) interesting presentations, a silent auction, a 25th anniversary gift for each attendee plus a $20 tree coupon. And of course the same great hot lunch we enjoy every year! All for $25 advance registration or $35 at the door. Click for details and registration.

Save Old Baldy from Garlic Mustard

garlicmustardGarlic Mustard is an invasive species that threatens all native species on the forest floor. Our friends at the Beaver Valley Bruce Trail Club have been pulling it from Old Baldy, near Kimberley, every May for the past few years but they are still losing the battle and need more volunteers. See flyer for info sessions occuring Thu Feb 16 and Sat Feb 18.

MLF Native maple tree rebate increases for 2017

canada150Release from Maple Leaves Forever: Canada’s 150th birthday is just around the corner and Maple Leaves Forever would like to commemorate this special event by increasing the rate of our “Thank You” rebate. Currently, the rebate is set at 10% of the purchase of Native Canadian Maple trees (for 2016 planting).  However, we will increase the rate to 25% for Native Canadian Maples purchased for 2017 planting. The rate increase will apply to applications already received for 2017 planting. Please refer to the APPLY NOW page for more information on how you can receive the “Thank You” rebate.

Renewal Early-bird Draw Winner

CONGRATULATIONS to Matthew Gaasenbeek, who was winner of the draw (held at movie screening) for a free additional year of membership!! It’s too late for the draw now but still not too late to renew your membership if not already done, do it now… AGM time is approaching and the web password will change in early February!

Movie screening a sell-out!

full-houseOur weekend advance screen preview of the Call of the Forest movie was a major success!  With a capacity crowd of members, their guests and some members from allied local associations, the film showing was enjoyed by many. Continue reading

Soil fungi help tree seedlings survive, influence forest diversity.

A new paper published Jan. 13 in Science reveals that the relationship between soil fungi and tree seedlings is more complicated than previously known. Scientists have long known that plants and soil biota can regulate one another, but the new findings highlight the complexity of the feedback loop. Researchers 55 species and 550 populations of North American trees. Read the article in Science Daily.