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Wooden Utensils

This hardened wooden knife was sharp enough to easily cut steak. (Bo Chen/University of Maryland) Scientists are have learned how to make wood extremely strong and can be used to replace steel. Read the article here. Scientists have been able to create utensils that are sharper than a typical stainless steel.

NEW Members’ Notice Board Posting

A member has posted a notice "Burning White Pine and Creosote" to the Notice Board. If you might be able to assist, log in to the BGWA Notice Board to read/respond.

Tuesday Forest Joke

Hello everyone! With the weather changing quickly thought you could use a laugh to start your Tuesday. This cartoon came through from Jim Coles.

Trees have their own Parasols!

Hello everyone, this link will take you to an interesting article about trees ability to create cooling 'parasols' for themselves on warm days. This seems to reinforce what we all know that forests are a cool place to be on warm summer days.