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  • Board Meetings

    Members always welcome!

    21 APR 2020 – 5PM by teleconference

    23 JUN 2020 – 5PM @ TBA, Owen Sound

    18 AUG 2020 – 5PM @ SVCA, Formosa

    20 OCT 2020 – 5PM @ TBA, Owen Sound

    15 DEC 2020 – 5PM @ SVCA, Formosa

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Tree-o-Caching #3: The Sacred Maple

Our third of five Tree-o-Caches is now live and waiting to be found! The Sacred Maple cache will take you to an extraordinary tree in a historic and peaceful spot. If you’re not sure what all this geocaching is about, all you need is a GPS-enabled device (which includes most smartphones) to take part in one of the world’s most popular outdoor real-time treasure hunting games… Click here for Geocaching Intro. And as a bonus, BGWA members can take part in a special contest if you find all 5 caches… prize details to be revealed after the fifth and final Tree-o-Cache goes live.

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