Fighting climate change with trees & grass

Members who watched the Call of the Forest movie at our special screening event back in January will recall Diana Beresford-Kroeger saying that trees are our main weapon to combat climate change… “If everybody went out and planted a tree…” A report in the MIT Technology Review supports that notion, and by extension supports what we are doing as private woodlands owners–the maintenance of forest and greenspace has never been more important, especially in an area like southern Ontario. Semi-related, Call of the Forest is just now beginning to screen publicly across Canada and will soon be hitting the festival circuit… you got to see it months in advance right here Grey-Bruce 🙂

3 thoughts on “Fighting climate change with trees & grass

  1. Sequestration of carbon in soil through appropriate farming practices can also be a major weapon against climate change. It might be helpful to have an event to explore both strategies – tree planting and soil carbon sequestration – in tandem for the synergies that might yield.

  2. Doug Van Horne

    Grass is not green(lawns)ie.petroleum,fertilizers,fossil fuels-If you have a riding mower you cutting too much grass John Deere is NOT GREEN

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