Parasitic wasps released in Ontario to combat EAB

Acccording to an article last week in The Working Forest newspaper, two species of parasitic wasps from China will be released in Ontario in an effort to combat the Emerald Ash Borer. This is part of a larger release by Natural Resources Canada, who stress that it is not a quick fix but a long-term strategy since it will take time to build up sufficient populations of these wasps.

2 thoughts on “Parasitic wasps released in Ontario to combat EAB

  1. Doug Dingeldein

    A solution with the potential to save our ash trees would be most welcome, but we must be absolutely sure we’re not introducing a new problem with this wasp invasive species. Our record in this respect is not stellar.

  2. Richard Elzby

    I have a concern. I am a beekeeper in North Grey County. A wasp, called a bold faced species, was attacking and devouring whole hives 2 years ago when neonics had weakened them.
    Can anyone assure us that these 2 species of wasps will not wreak havoc on something else like birds or pollinators etc. Has the MNR and affiliated ministrys done a study of what is going to happen with this project. Have they put their stamp of approval to go ahead and has this project been approved at the federal level? Thank you.

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