Tree Marking Workshop

Saturday, October 17, at 1PM (rain or shine) at member property south of Ayton. This is a members only event, and directions to the location will be given upon registration.

This event will provide you an introduction to tree marking, discuss forest management objectives and other values that our forests offer with fellow BGWA members.

Description: Management of a woodlot should reflect the wishes of the owner. As such, the objectives of management will vary, tree marking will vary and resulting forest management practices will vary. All will be discussed along with learning the technical aspects of tree marking.

Leaders: multiple foresters from local agencies!

Pre-registration is required so that our planning enables us to comply with current provincial and local pandemic social distancing and hygiene requirements. Bring your own hand sanitizer and face masks – we will be outdoors at all times.

Registration is on a first come first serve basis. Contact Contact Jim Coles for questions or to sign-up.