This section of the web site contains BGWA newsletters, since they began publication in spring of 2015, and prior to that newsletters from the fomer GCWA. There are no newsletters for the former BCWA.


One thought on “Newsletters

  1. Lloyd

    Hi ,- I just read the presidents comments on Shagbark hickory. That is a tree that loggers tell me were in Greenock twp. originally but there was very few and even less now. So I have planted a few ( out of my garden Nursury) with some success. They have such a long tap root they don’t transplant well, and first they grow that root and then they start growing up. I have planted a few around the area. I know of some large trees though. They are easily winter hardy here,-no worry there. ( Some near Ottawa) Stand wet or dry once root is down. Slow growers as you say. But great you are planting a rare tree here. ( I got seed from my Dad’s farm in Lambton)

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