Destructive Moth has a new name!

Susan Ellis, As many of you are aware, the LDD moth is wrecking havoc in our area. Recently, the name has been changed to the 'spongy moth' because its former name contained a racial slur. This article provides a good overview. If you are interested in learning more, you can look to the Winter …

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Ikea’s Sourcing Wood from Old Growth Forests

Photo by Simon Berger on As the desire for wood products increases, companies are unfortunately turning to illegal methods to source this material. Ikea (the huge Swedish furniture producer) is wrapped up in this business and some of their practices are now being called into question. Thank you to Larry Cluchey for passing this …

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Forest Conservation and Management

Kevin Predon came across this short video, out of the USA, discussing the role of forest management and the part it plays in forest conservation. Unfortunately, the program is not available in Canada, but the overarching message of the video (forest conversation can and does include forest management) is an important concept to remember.

Valuation of Forest Ecosystem Services

Photo Credit - UNESCO We all know that our forests and tree contain spiritual, emotional, and monetary. This study out of the UK looks at different methods of valuing ecosystem services and risks associated with them. Many of these services are applicable to our forests here in Grey and Bruce Counties.

Fungi – A Secret Climate Change Weapon

Photograph: Stephen R Johnson/Alamy Researchers and scientists the world over are learning more and more about underground fungal networks. Now they are learning about the vast amounts of carbon they store. Read more in this article about the amazing world of underground fungi networks.