A Wondrous Forest Melody

If you attended our virtual AGM yesterday you will have seen on one of the slides that I’m handing over the keys to the web site to Mike Fry. We have been paralleling duties over the past four months to ensure a seamless transition.

I was taught to always say my thank yous, and Mike deserves a big one for being willing to take it on. In associations like BGWA, it is essential for members to step forward and take on new roles. For one thing it helps distribute the labour, which is important in a volunteer-run organization. But even more importantly it cultivates growth. When the same people keep doing the same things over an extended time, there is less likelihood for development and change. And we need to keep evolving to stay vital.

In the same way I am grateful to Jim White for so ably taking on the Communications lead with such capability and insight demonstrated over the past year, I am confident that Mike has the rudder well in hand now. And hopefully, in time, might even take our online presence off in some new directions too!

During my 6 years as BGWA “web guy”, I generally tried to limit postings to things which were relevant to our local area and membership. For my final web post let me treat you to something that is neither 🙂 Sit back, turn the volume up a bit, and allow yourself the full 3 minutes to be mesmerized by a melody made from the forest, in the forest…

…and think about whether this inspires you in some way to do something novel and beautiful in your woodlands!


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