16-year-old faces down emerald ash borer threat

Here’s a great story from CBC News about a young person in New Brunswick who is on a mission to help monitor and battle Emerald Ash Borer (EAB). If you know of any potential young woodland champions in Grey-Bruce perhaps send the link their way and maybe it will provide inspiration!

One thought on “16-year-old faces down emerald ash borer threat

  1. Roger Short

    This is a terrific piece of good science and observation.
    Firstly, we need more of this vs comments like “you are weird” from ignorant by-standers.
    We are subject in the first instance to observations and commentary.
    The next is some deductions (which can include more observations) which begin to point the way, what is the cause and what are the possible impacts and options.
    Then there may be some solutions or consequences one way or the other.
    Finally, what are the causes and options which might be available.
    If we do nothing, we can hardly complain about the results of invasions like this.
    As one option, work on replacement species which aren’t subject to the ravages of the EAB.
    I submit one, the oaks which came from the acorns from Sherwood Forest, which in my local opinion, might be a worthy replacement if we benefit from a program to introduce them on a progressive scale in our region.
    Thousands of acorns come the 3 trees growing on our property!

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