BGWA Tree-O-Cachers: Report In

BGWA members who found geocaches as part of our Tree-O-Caching event may be eligible to win a Leatherman Skeletool ($100 value). So far, no members have reported finding all 5 caches. As an alterative, we will make the draw, at the AGM Feb 24th, from names of members who have found 4 (or failing that 3, and so on) of the Tree-O-Caches. If you have found any of the caches, here’s how to register for the draw:

  • Log in to your account then send a message to geocaching user “hikerboy” and in the message body provide your full name and email address so we can cross-reference to your BGWA membership.
  • Within 24 hours, you will receive a confirmation message direct to your email address.
  • DEADLINE TO ENTER: noon on Friday Feb 23rd

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