Feb 4 Snowshoe Hike: Additional Details & Registration

Registration is now open for our members-only snowshoe hike in Chatsworth coming Sunday Feb 4th. Event runs 2-4PM. Actual hike approx one hour through 70 acres which include hardwood bush (mature maple, cherry, beech, yellow birch, ironwood, basswood, plus a few butternut and young oaks), 30 year old pine plantation, and a more recent (10-12 yrs) planting of spruce, larch, black locust, high bush cranberry, walnut etc. You will have the chance to:

  • snowshoe through the shelterbelt planted 10 years ago and discuss why some trees are doing well while others failed
  • go through the hardwood bush and view beech trees in different stages of beech bark disease
  • view some butternut trees both living and dead with butternut canker
  • observe and discuss how previous loggers did not do a good job (diameter limit cut in 2002) and its effects

After the hike enjoy some hot/cold refreshments in the workshop, courtesy of the gracious BGWA members who are hosting this event on their property, and discuss their wood heating operation. Surely to be a fun and informative outing. And all wrapped up in good time for football fans 🙂

Advance Registration Required (Member password required).

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