Aldo Leopold Afternoon OCT 14 event details

As announced at the BBQ this past weekend, our next big event is AN AFTERNOON ABOUT ALDO LEOPOLD, Saturday October 14, 1-4PM, in the theatre of Bruce County Museum in Southampton. The event features a feature screening of Green Fire (click for trailer), exploring Leopold’s extraordinary career and the enduring influence of this legendary conservation thinker followed by eminent guest speakers:

  • Eric Davies has spent the past 20 years studying natural history, ecology, conservation and forestry at Fleming College (Ecosystem Management), Trent University (BSc: Ecology), Simon Fraser University (MSc: Ecology), and University of Toronto (PhD: Forestry). He has a tremendous love for nature, and is dedicated to helping find, protect, and restore the landscapes and biodiversity of Ontario. Growing up next to the Saugeen First Nation in Southampton and the country sides of  Grey, Bruce and Wentworth Counties, he has also developed has a deep appreciation for the traditional knowledge of indigenous people and farmers.
  • Doug Larson retired from the University of Guelph seven years ago after a 35 year teaching and research career.  He is best known for the discovery of the ancient forests of the Niagara Escarpment.  Four books and 130 research papers formed the core of the academic career.  While not conducting research, Doug was heavily involved with woodworking, instrument building, songwriting, and recording.  Five albums with Kid Coma (see iTunes for Complete Metamorphosis) were recorded over 8 years, and the material in those records covered many environmental and political topics including homage to Aldo Leopold.

Members are entitled to one free ticket per membership plus up to 3 discounted companion tickets ($5). General public/non-member tickets $10. Preferred registration, for BGWA members, starts next Monday, followed by open registration the week following. Watch for further details in our upcoming newsletter, due out early next week.

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