Newsletter Follow-Up

We received this delightful story in response to the Favoured Tree article in the Spring 2016 newsletter. Rather than wait 3 months until the next newsletter, we asked the author if me may share it online for members’ interest:

I just finished reading the spring edition of Greenleaves.  Very well presented with sophisticated layout.

One article interested me personally because I am growing 3 fairly mature “Royal” English white oaks. 

I was raised in Markham Twp. and a neighbor, the late Lloyd Clendenen, gave  me 5 flower pots with seedling oaks.  They were from a tree grown from an acorn that was handed out to school children when King George VI and Queen Elizabeth visited Canada.  He said that most of the other children threw them at each other but he planted his.  I planted these trees in the late 70’s here where we farm at Dunkeld (NW of Walkerton) .  One froze, I cut one down because it was too close to the house and the remaining three are thriving. 

I have several pecans as well as Persian Walnuts.  An unintentional arboretum!  There are many farms in Southern Bruce with walnuts that were purchased from a man named Corsan, so I am told, in the late ‘30’s.

I wouldn’t recommend these oaks for a small yard but where there is room, they are an impressive tree.  Lots of huge acorns and a zillion squirrels planting them.

Thanks for the articles,

Colin Reesor

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