Charged Up Chainsaws

sawOn the back page of the BGWA newsletter released earlier this week (available under Newsletters > 2015 menu above) I wrote  brief piece on how I was impressed with the power and functionality of a cordless chainsaw I bought a couple months ago. If you are intrigued, but want more detail, have a look at this article, Charged Up Chainsaws, pubished today on the Northern Woodlands web site. As I suggested in my article… sneak it onto your Christmas wish list 🙂

One thought on “Charged Up Chainsaws

  1. David Port

    Thanks for the article, I have been thinking about checking the cordless ( non gas ) chainsaws. The article has given me new confidence to take a serious look. I am in the category of occasional use, so it looks like a good idea. My old Homelite 300 has seen better days. David Port.

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