Cedar Stand Management Workshop – SAT Oct 24

Join Us for our next members’ learning event on Saturday, October 24, 10AM-noon at the Lindsay Tract (Fire# location: 4025 Hwy 6 – click for map) in Northern Bruce Peninsula. We will be travelling by vehicle a short distance to an active Cedar harvest on Bruce County lands. There we will view the harvest area, the equipment used and talk about the planning process. After that we will travel again a short distance to view an area that was harvested a few years ago to see the effects of the harvest.

click to enlargeThis event is open to all current BGWA members. Registration (use form below) will help us estimate numbers and plan accordingly. All members registering prior to October 22 will be entered into a draw for beautiful Bitternut Hickory Bowl (12.5″ X 6″ good table size that will hold enough salad for 5 to 6 people) courtesy of BGWA Director and Master Wood Turner Larry Cluchey. Wood for this bowl was sourced locally from the 12th Concession, Carrick, South Bruce. Draw to be held on-site at the event. If you choose not to pre-register, it is you responsibility to check the website for any changes or cancellation. Feel free to use the comment form, at the bottom of this page, to post “wanted/available” car pooling notices.

REGISTER FOR THIS EVENT – You will not receive a conformation email after clicking SUBMIT. If you see “Message Sent” on the web page, your registration was successful.


Hickory Bowl Ex.

2 thoughts on “Cedar Stand Management Workshop – SAT Oct 24

  1. David Port

    I am still confused about the location. The newer map shows a location north of Clarks Road on the west side of Highway 6. Is this the meeting point ??

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