Member input needed: New name for BGWA?

The name of our association has been an ongoing topic of conversation, during amalgamation talks last year, at the AGM this year, as well as at recent Board of Directors meetings. The current name (Bruce Grey Woodlot Association) was a functional combination of the two prior association names. However, we would like to explore options for a new name which accurately and succinctly describes what we are. A few general parameters are:

  1. ideally, we would like to move away from  “woodlot” because although we, present members, understand all that the word encompasses, it may be confusing to prospective members and new landowners who may see “woodlot” as something more narrow (e.g., timber for harvest, etc.);
  2. the name needs to have some geographic signifier. “Bruce-Grey” seems the most obvious but perhaps there is some other way to describe the locale;
  3. the name does not necessarily need to include “association” (etc.) since that is a given.

Your input and ideas are welcome.. and wanted! Please brainstorm any & all options you can imagine and use the Reply Form at the bottom of the page to submit them. They will be posted anonymously on the list below. The Board will consider all options, as well as possible combinations from within them, and eventually present top choices for membership opinion. Keep in mind our Vision:

Promoting healthy forests and ecosystems in Bruce and Grey Counties through education, recreation and sustainable management practices.

New name brainstorm list (use form at bottom of page to add your ideas!):

  • Bruce-Grey Woodland Owners
  • Private Forests Grey-Bruce
  • Grey Bruce Woodland Owners Association
  • Grey Bruce Woodland Advocacy Group
  • Grey Bruce Woodlands
  • Grey-Bruce Forests or Bruce-Grey Forests
  • Friends of Grey Bruce Woodlands
  • Grey Bruce Woodlands Alliance
  • Grey Bruce Woodland Association
  • Bruce Grey Forest Owners Association
  • Grey-Bruce Community Forest Group (or Association/Club/Society)
  • Friends of Grey-Bruce Private Woodlands

Some members did not suggest specific names but general feedback to consider:

  • I’d suggest leaving out “Owners” in any name, thereby widening to “Interest in” rather than “ownership of” for membership.
  • I think we either need “Owners” or need to refer to “private woodlands” (or “private forests” etc), otherwise it will sound too much like a community group supporting public lands or conservancies.
  • “association” indicates a group of like-minded people who are not necessarily owners. I agree “woodland” is a better term than woodlot and Grey Bruce is the geographic signifier. There should be no more than 4 words in the title or it is to much of a mouthful!
  • I like the name with “Community Forest” in the title.  That is a term of growing relevance and would be inclusive to all that would like to participate. The Grey-Bruce/Bruce-Grey part is arbitrary and the order is of little relevance, but there should be an “association, group, society, club….etc.” type of term tacked onto the end, otherwise the words “Grey-Bruce Community Forest” could be mistaken for a geographic location rather than an organization.

This is our vision Promoting healthy forest and ecosystems in Bruce and Grey Counties through education, recreation and sustainable management practices.
Promote sustainable forest MANAGEMENT by increasing awareness of the forest’s inherent social, economic and environmental values.
Provide networking and sharing opportunities regarding forests and ecosystems (COULD COME UNDE EDUCATION HEADING)
Promote enjoyment of woodlands and natural areas through EDUCATION and recreational activities.
Serve as a VOICE OR PROMOTOR for the membership with respect to legislation, taxation and regulations as they affect forest property and associated business interests.
Encourage non typical forest management practices such as farm windbreaks orchards, permaculture riparian restoration, forest gardening etc
What about?
Bruce Grey Woodland ———–
the study of the relationships between living organisms and their environment
a person who has control or direction of an institution, business, etc., or of a part, division, or phase of it.

: a person whose job is to guard or take care of something or someone ; : something or someone that is worth keeping : something or someone that is good, valuable, etc.
a person or thing that promotes, furthers, or encourages. (encourages does encompass education)

OK these cover looking after the forest but we also want to teach/educate about them so what about a hyphenated one?

Ask a question, or leave a comment.

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