TREEvia Teaser: Saturday Edition

Here it is, the FINAL trivia teaser before this afternoon's BGWA Treevia Extravaganza at the Outlaw Brewery in Southampton, starting at 2:00 PM. According to Gifford Pinchot's "A Primer of Forestry Part 1-The Forest", which was first published in 1903, how do trees move water from the roots to the very top of the tree?" …

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Thursday’s TREEvia Teaser

To help get the brain juices flowing in advance of our trivia event happening this Saturday, November 16th, at Outlaw Brewery in Southampton, here's another warm-up question: How many different species of tree are used when building a traditional birch bark canoe? Three: White Birch for the skin, Eastern White Cedar for the gunnels, and …

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TREEvia Teaser!

To help you get ready for Saturday's trivia social event, here is a practice question: This species of conifer tree is normally found growing in Canada's Boreal forests, but has its southern limits on the Bruce Peninsula. A) White Pine B) Tamarack C) Red Spruce D) Jack Pine Answer: Jack Pine